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I already got a Armor Fossil underground and beaten the third gym, but the man in the Oreburgh Mining Museum still says, "From Fossils I can extract Pokémon, but not yet, not yet. Any help? I really want a Bastiodon.

yes i did. when i find something important underground i always bring it to the surface
Do you have an empty space in your party? Did you leave a fossil with the man previously and haven't left the Pokemon center and reentered to claim it? Did you check your bag to make sure that the fossil was inside? (I have no idea, just trying to think of what might be wrong.)
I did, i took out my HM slave called Bigoof, which is a Bidoof.

No, it said so since the beginning, and  I only found one Armor Fossil undrground.

Yes, the fossil was in my bag the whole time, it was one of the first things I found underground, and as any good player, took it up with me.
I don't know about Platinum sorry, I played Pokemon Diamond
If you don't know, why were you answering?

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Here's a suggestion that I hope will help. Your overworld bag and your underworld bag are separate, so you can't access both at the same time. When you want to move a fossil to the overworld bag, you have to select it and press "MOVE TO BAG" while you're underground.

Another possible solution is to complete every mission from the Underground Man in Eterna City. You could also walk out of the museum, save your game, restart, and walk back in. I've never encountered this problem before, so I'm not certain on any one right way.

I love Bastiodon too, good luck on your adventure.

The comments already said that the asker moved his/her/their/its armor fossil to the overworld bag.