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In my first playthrough of ORAS (een da bloo wun) I went into the desert and found my fossils, like normal. I assumed I would get to choose out of hoen's two fossil Pokemon, lileep and anorith, like in most other games. however, I got two root fossils to choose from, for some reason. while this did put less pressure on me to choose, I don't know why it happened. even before playing OR (where the fossils were perfectly normal, BTW) I was sure it was some sort of error or mistake, because if they were only giving you one Pokemon, why two fossils? I really wanna know if anyone else saw this glitch or knows what caused it.

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Have you used cheat code or hacked your AS?
are you sure you saw it correctly? do you maybe have a picture?
@helix and empty: yu kidding? I didn't even have internet access. there's no way any hacks were oon my system. also, this was years ago: I don't even have that DS anymore, after it fell out of the roofrack along with all my games, and my first shiny; a golbat that I found in the cave of origin. the only reason I got OR is because it came with my replacement DS. but I distinctly remember it happening; I looked at a root fossil, decided i did not want, then chose... another root fossil.
It probably glitched or the game card could have been damaged. The coding could have been like:

Two fossils: One Root Fossil and one Claw Fossil but was damaged so it looked like: Two Fossils: --- Root Fossil --- --- ---- ------

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I searched Bulbapedia, Glitch City, and Smogon but was unable to find any documentation about a glitch causing Root Fossil to appear twice on Route 111 in OR/AS.

It is extremely unlikely that you discovered a glitch/error which was until now undocumented, let alone through a recollection of events that happened "years ago". Based upon this, the likely answer to this question is that you are mistaken and one of the fossils was, in fact, a Claw Fossil.

In this video, you can see that the two fossils on Route 111 have the same model and texture, which may be the source of your confusion. This is the same in the original R/S games.

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I feel comfortable in the knowledge that I was just a stupid kid