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This question is literately one of the only reasons I joined this site.
One day, I was just doing wonder trades on Alpha Sapphire. I got tired of repeatedly
getting Pidgeys, so I decided to go ahead and get another entry in my Pokedex: Porygon2. I traded my Porygon to my X via GTS, and so I switched to my X game, and Porygon evolved normally. Then, I wanted to send Porygon2 back to Alpha Sapphire, so I went ahead and used Pokebank and put Porygon2 in. I switched back to Alpha Sapphire, and tried getting into Pokebank. It said I hadn't progressed in the game and had to pass the point where I got a Pokedex. I had completed the game and beat the Elite 4 three times, so I wondered what was up. Corrupted data, that's what! All my work, after 687+ hours I put into the game, gone. 671 Pokedex Entries, gone. Every single Legendary and Myhical, most shiny, gone. After all that work, I almost wanted to cry. And, I'll admit, I did shed a tear or two. Most of my Pokemon were shiny, with perfect EV's, and now their dead. I've spent weeks trying to find a solution, and the only ones I could find were to delete the data, which is the last thing I'm gonna do.

This is either the Pidgeys fault, or Porygon is a hacker. What I think happened, is that while wonder trading, one Pokemon contained a hack. Is this what happened? Also, is there a way to fix this?
R.I.P Alpha Sapphire

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Did you try turning off your 3DS, taking out the game cartridge, putting it back in, turning on the 3DS, and starting it again? I once started my Omega Ruby and it said that the saved data was corrupted and I did what I said above and my data was there.
Yes. That changed nothing. I'm trying everything that I see on the internet, but nothing is working.
I'm really starting to think that Porygon did something. Maybe the internet connection glitched and Porygon was traded, but Alpha Sapphire didn't know it, and so the files were messed up because it couldn't find Porygon in the file. Or something like that.

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You could maybe try using a Q-tip to lightly clean the cartridge... Don't blow on it or wash it using normal water.
But that only works if your cartridge is dirty, not hacked.
Have you used any cheating devices like Powersaves on it recently? Using it has a high risk of corrupting your data.

If your game is preowned, the previous owner might've done something to it, like damaging the cartridge or using a cheating device.

If none of these work or one of the Pidgeys really are hacked there's nothing more you can do... :(

I tried cleaning it, no success. I've never hacked or used hacking devices (because hacking is for noobs). My game is not pre-owned. So... It might be a Pidgey.  Thanks for the solutions, even though they didn't work. :(

A Pidgey is such a cruel way to hack someone... D:
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No. Unless you can modify your cartridge data externally, which requires a specific rig that you have to make yourself. I made mine to power through RNG checks, for example