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Hey, so I have a really strange memory from when gen 4 first came out, but I'm not sure is it's accurate or not.

I remember I used to be OBSESSED with the idea of "hacking" my game, so I purposely tried to break/corrupt it. And I succeeded.

In Heartgold, it said something about my save being corrupted, and it sent me back to a few saves ago. I remember this specifically because I was really sad I lost all my progress and stopped playing for a while. When I played again, I remembered it, and I since just remembered it.

The thing is, human memory isn't reliable. It gave me an error message, but who knows what it actually said. What happens when a gen 4 game save file gets corrupted?

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It goes from a screen that says "The save file will be erased due to corruption or damage."
To the beggining sequnce of the game

The save data could not be accessed. Please turn the power off and reinsert the DS Game Card.

Error saving data. The backup memory has failed. The game may be played, but it is impossible to save. Please turn off the power.

The save file will be erased due to corruption or damage.

Source (please excuse my quote's bad grammar)
Source 2 (for explanations on when these occur, plus more I did not mention in my answer)

Hope I helped!

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Is that all? Are there any other situations of save errors? I know i got an error message but it didn't delete my whole save. If not though, then this works
Not sure. I'll edit it if I find any others.
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