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I was EV training my Pokés on my SoulSilver game when my game suddenly froze. Upset about the need to restart EVs, but thought it was no huge deal. Boy was I wrong.

I started the game, and got the blue screen saying that my file would be deleted due to corruption or missing data and sent me to start my game from the very beginning. Reset the game again, and it said that it couldn’t read my save data. Cleaned it, and it did it five more times and the first thing happened where it sent me to the very start. It never reverted to the last save.

Is there anyway to get my save back? I really don’t want to waste 500+ hours of gameplay.

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Try taking the card out and putting it back in. That worked for me once.
Did. Even cleaned slot and card. No change.
You really cleaned it, not just blowing into it?
Yeah, I used a cotton swap on the cartridge and slot, didn’t help.
You’re pretty much outta luck if you can’t load the game... most of the time, if it will let you enter, you can just save again, and “un-corrupt’’ the save data.
But if you can’t do that... the older games are prone to deterioration over time, this will inevitably happen to every cartridge you own at some point.
Would I be able to save that on a computer? I don’t have a 3DS or a second DS at all.
The 3ds Homebrew menu and it's apps can only properly be used on a 3ds/2ds. There isn't much you can do without one, sorry.

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So... found a way to save my Pokes. Couldn’t save my progress but I was able to get my Pokémon out and safe.

So my friend has a DSi and he was able to use the camera exploit to get Pokéchest on his DSi. We inserted my SS game card...

It read the file. We managed to extract ALL of my Pokémon from the boxes and into Chest. With all my Pokémon safe that allowed me to safely delete my save and start over. Getting all my accomplishments back will be easy since I have the Pokémon that got me to them.

So long story short my friend and I were able to save my Pokémon and I started a new save file where my Pokes are safe.

wow that's smart