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I turned on my Pokemon SoulSilver game, and said this: The save file is corrupted. The previous file will be loaded.
Wut? There's only one save file. Then it brought me to the menu screen, and all my data was there. I tried playing it and it worked perfectly! What happened??


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I feel ya. The same happened for my Black 2.

Anyway, it just means the file that was saved most recently has corrupted. If you play legitimately, it is most likely that the game encountered some sort of error whilst saving, and there isn't much you do about it. It is a rare thing, and shouldn't happen again.

Since the game keeps the data from the second last time you saved as backup, it will continue the game from that moment.

The easiest way around this is to simply save the game twice before turning off. I know I've done this since I got the save file error, it left me pretty data-corruption conscious.

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i think it once happend to me i don't remember
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This means that what you were doing before you last saved was lost, this usually happens when you turn off the power when its saving or it could have been a cheat if you were using cheats.
So say you saved it and then caught and evee then evolved it, and when you were saving it you turned off the power then you wouldn't have the evee and you would be put back where you saved before you caught the evee. So unless you did a lot of stuff before you last saved and when you loaded it up it was fine then you should have nothing to worry about

Hope I helped :)

This is a good answer, but I didn't turn it off while saving, and I've never cheated. :/
Thanks for trying to help.
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