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So this morning I went on to my Pokemon X game after not playing it since yesterday. I came to find my 3DS out of power, so I plugged the AC Adapter in, started up the game, and BAM! Save file corrupted. Why did this happen and how, if possible, can I fix it?
Note: I may have been in the middle of a wonder trade when I closed my 3DS when my parents made me go on errands, and the 3DS may have run out of battery while the game had the communication error thingy up...so that may have something to do with it...but can I create another file???

That's nothing, I haven't played Pokemon Y in almost 2 months, because I've been waiting for my replacement 3DS to arrive ._.

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Sure, to create a new game, all you have to do is hold Up on the D-Pad+B+X while on the options menu after the main title sequence. This prompts the game to start a new save file.

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This may be because you saved in Lumiose, city. Go to nintendo EShop and Download the 1.2 patch for X and Y, your save'll be back!
If it isn't this reason, then I don't know, sorry.

Nope, I downloaded the patch.