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I want to teach my ((Smeargle)) (sheercold)(lock on) as a part of my strategy to defeat my opponents with OHKOs. Is there a way to make ((Smeargle)) able to sustain the attacks on it for this strategy to work?


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Sheer Cold, Lock On, Double Team, Cosmic power.

The Sheer Cold, Lock On duo to kill em off.
Double Team, Cosmic Power help to keep you alive.

Hold Item: Leftovers (regain your health, effective if they can't hit you because of Double Team and do little damage because of Cosmic Power)
Focus Sash (So they can't kill you in one move in between your Lock On and you OHKO)

i prefer minimize instead of double team
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Well, except Focus items, it may also miss°))
But, for Sketching, double battles are GREAT (just did double-sketching today)