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My Smeargle has(going to, at least) Baton Pass, Shell Smash, Spore, and (powerful attacking move). He will hold a focus sash. Now my plan is to use shell smash, and have the opponent get me to 1 hp(the focus sash.) Then I can use Spore first(presumably, as shell smash doubles speed.) Then I will use (powerful attacking move) and knock them out. Then use Baton Pass to pass the shell smash to a sweeper. So, what should the EV spread be?(I know, this is weird and stuff, and there might not even be a good EV spread for it.)

EDIT: I was stupid, that strategy wouldn't work.... ok, new one.

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So turn 1: They get you 1 HP - You use shell smash
Turn 2: (now faster) You use Endeavor - they kill you
You can't then bullet punch :P You're dead. No pass gg

Or am I missing something
^^^I was  rather confused as well
Maybe it's Doubles and he has Rage Powder?
Sorry, Sorry! i was being a dumbo XD i changed it, how does it look now
Ah ok. Makes sense now lol

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Okay, your Spore strategy is much better than your Endeavor strategy.

Unfortunately, this strategy will probably not work.

Why? Because Smeargle has no "powerful attacking move[s]". Although the painter has access to 99% of all Pokémon moves, he can't use any of them with his abyssmal attacking stats. Even a Dragon Ascent won't hurt anything coming off of a base 20 Attack stat. Smeargle's best use is really just to Shell Mash + Baton Pass + Spore for Singles and Fake Out + Dark Void for Doubles.

So to answer your question, the optimal EV spread is probably 252 HP / 252 Spe / 4 Def.

Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams :(

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smeargle should've been kalos, he's just to french ( and happy).
THANKS!!!! now i haz new idea LOL