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Hello everyone I got this Pokemon called Victini.

And here is the skills for Victini.

Move1: V-create

Move2: Fusion Flare

Move3: Fusion Bolt

Move4: Shearing shot

And here is the qustion. My Pokemon got the LVL 57 and now I got the move called (Inferno)

What should I replace it with or should I just drop it and drive with that I have right now?

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From an in-game perspective, I'd suggest not teaching Inferno altogether. You already have 5 Fire type moves which are actually really good, but even with Victini's Victory Star Ability, Inferno will only reach a 55% accuracy, which is just plain unreliable.

In the future, try dropping some Fire Moves to make sure Victini is more useful. You've already missed out on Zen Headbutt, which it learns at level 47, but maybe you can get the Move Reminder in Mistralton City if your playing Black/White or The Pokemon World Tournament if you're Black2/White2. In exchange for a Heart Scale, you can get your Victini to learn Zen Headbutt.

Good luck my friend! :D

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Victory Star only activates in double/ triple battles.
Many sources confirm that Victory Star activates in singles. Bulbapedia might be confusing, but their wording sucks. Here is a link that doesn't specifically say this, but in the set "V is for Very Outclassed by Heatran" it makes mention to how it does increase Thunder to 77%.
Ohhhh that's why; I read Smogon's entry and that was much clearer. Bulba's entry on Victory Star needs to be edited. :/
Its fine. :D
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Inferno is a horrible move. It has 50 % accuracy which means you're liable to miss half the time.

Get rid of Searing Shot for Zen Headbutt, and Fusion Flare for either Brick Break or U-Turn.

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Inferno doesn't help. AT ALL.