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From Everything I Read On Bulbapedia And Playing The Pokemon Games There is no decrease in chance of finding a Pokemon other than Feebas In Ruby Saphire Emerald( 6 Fishing Spots) And Diamond Pearl Platinum ( 4 Fishing Spots)

The Percentages For The Area On Certain Pokemon are Higher So You Catch Certain Pokemon More Frequent!

Source: Bulbapedia And Personal Usage

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Nope! Tbh, fishing in the same spots and hooking a Pokemon each time (I use the Suction Cups ability that can be on Malamar or octillery) actually RAISES the rate of getting a shiny water type! This is called Fishing Chaining (I think). Also ik this answer is a bit late but oh well xD
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Only if you're using a Super Rod.
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If you fish in the same spot, you are probably gonna end up with the same Pokemon over and over.
Your chances of fishing a Pokemon are basically at random.
You might fish a Pokemon. You might not.

Source: Bulbapedia

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Do you have a source? I ask because you say 'probably'.