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You basically are just forcing your opponent to switch out but you still are going to have to battle that Pokemon later.....


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Well Whirlwind is not very useful in-game but is a Top-Threat move competitively. The main reason behind this is because many Pokemon tend to be set-up sweepers or set-up walls. However when you are forced to switch out, all the stats that you boosted get reset meaning that you have to start setting up again which is often harder to do the second time

It can also be used to stall out a team once you have set the entry hazards. With constant switching out, frail Pokemon will be worn out very quickly. This is also a way to kill Volcarona without touching it once you have set up Stealth Rock

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It has less use in-game, but competitively, it allows you to "phase", i.e. it allows to force out stat stallers, so things that continually use moves like Bulk Up or Calm Mind, and whirlwind forces them to switch out, resetting their stats.

It also allows you to mess up Baton Pass teams, which pass stat boosts to other Pokemon in order for a sweeper to sweep without having to switch out.

Whirlwind, however, doesn't work if Ingrain is used.