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I just watched a video and the guys in it said that whirlwind missed due to sand veil. It wasn't a replay and was a podcast video so it was never shown but the guys did say that. Is that actually a thing? The video was on gen five so you can probably guess the two Pokemon involved. Also, after gen five, can it still miss due to sand veil?


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It would miss in Gen 5 (or prev Gens), but after that, nope

In Generations 1-5, Whirlwind has 100% accuracy (in other words, it is affected by Accuracy and Evasion stats).

From DB's page on Whirlwind, so as you can see, before Gen 5 it would miss, as it had a defined accuracy. This would mean that it can miss in Sand directed on a Sand Veil Pokémon also.
But, after Gen 5, it had it's accuracy removed, and so, it won't miss now.
I also checked it through a battle. Chomp's ability was Sand Veil, and Hippo's was Sand Stream, and when Hippo used Whirlwind, it missed as Chomp had Veil.

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