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I battled a wild Audino lvl 10 in the Virbank Complex in Pokemon White 2, I defeated it and I got 719 exp, How?

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All Pokemon give a different amount of Exp, and Audino gives off a lot when you battle it.

Also from B/W onwards if you are a lower level than the Pokemon you defeat you get more Exp than normal. Which is why if you have a level 1 Pokemon with a Lucky Egg and beat a high level Audino (by switching to another Pokemon) you can get over 15,000 EXP!

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I have seen a level 1 shupet get 48,000 exp from it and it leveld up to level 46 I think
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Audino is just one of those Pokemon that give off a lot of experience after battling. Like Chansey but in Gen V.

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