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I heard the Pokemon bank and poke transfer blocks hacked Pokemon, so I tried to see if my Pokemon was hacked by attempting to put it on the GTS and take it back. It just so happens that all the 100% legit Pokemon I got from the gen 3 games are apparently "hacked." They've had the same movesets since I've had them on the gen 3 games. They all have their normal names too. I don't understand what the deal is. Is there a reason?

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How did you check it? :\ What happened when you did it? We need more info.
The GTS has a filter that blocks hacked pokemon from being traded, so that would make all those people wanting "level 9 and under Zekroms" unable to get one. I had a Mewtwo I got from Fire Red that has Thunderbolt, Recover, Shadow Ball, and Psychic. I caught it in Cerulean Cave. It and a lot more pokemon I got legitly are apparently "hacked" by Black 2's GTS...

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It could that your generation 3 game is a Rom instead of an actual game. Their have been so many Hacked Roms out there that a lot of people have mistaken one for the other. Check the back of it and see if there's any dark numbers on it.

If there are it's legit if not I'm sorry, the game is hacked.

P.S. There has been cases where certain hacked rom can still interact with Gen 4 and migrate Pokemon. It had been to me that's how I know.

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