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I have a few games I haven't played, and want to play one of those, so my save data won't go away from one of my other playthroughs, here they are: Sapphire(Emulator), Emerald(Emulator) Black 2(My brother's game, but he'd be fine if I played it), and potentially my White game(I say potentially because I got a little into it, but never actually beat it.) Which one would be best, by like, easiness and type advantage of starter, to do for my first nuzelocke? Also, let me make sure I know all the nuzelocke rules before I start.

  • If a Pokemon faints, it's DEAD, and must be permanently PCed as soon as possible
  • You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a location
  • You must nickname every Pokemon you catch
  • I feel like there's a fourth that I'm forgetting
  • No resetting, if all your Pokemon faint, you have to restart the whole game
  • No traded Pokemon(I think that's what PK meant, I couldn't think of another scenario in which you'd get a Pokemon you didn't catch or receive as a gift)

Please say if I'm missing anything, thanks! Also, would it be worth it to delete a game's finished save data, or should I stick with one of the ones I haven't completed, also, I technically have all the Gen I and II games on emulator, but am leaning towards the others. Tell me if I should do one of those.

Also, in case you want to know which ones I've done, in order to find out if I should restart one of my finished games, they're all on my wall.

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I think you are forgetting about the no resetting and you can only use pokemon you catch or gift pokemon
Oh, yes, I'll add those.
Yeah that is what I meant no trading with actual people

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Black 2 is a great choice for a first Nuzlocke! The first few Routes can be pretty much the same, but you've also got great choices like Riolu, Tepig, Lillipup, and Sewaddle to an extent, all before even the first Gym. Later on, you can get amazing Pokemon like Scolipede, Volcarona, the Three Musketeers, Darmanitan, Sawsbuck, Galvantula, and so many more. It's a very varied game that isn't too hard to keep up with level-wise (just farm Audinos), but it still provides its fair share of difficulty. I recommend reading this for a bit more assistance if you need it.

Hope I helped!

Okay, and I'm guessing based on what you said in the answer, that Tepig is the best starter for a B2 Nuzelocke?
Well, Tepig is pretty good if you want a hard-hitting physical Fire type early, and you don't think you can get a Darmanitan. Oshawott is also pretty good, so use that if you want. Snivy works as well, but you really shouldn't be using it over the other two.
Also, any tips or tricks to find a really good pokemon, like only walking through certain grass, or is there really nothing you can do and it's just random. Sorry if I sound dumb asking these kinds of questions, I just want to be totally prepared, and I'm totally new at this.
Bruh Black 2? That game is hard af even on regular play through. Guys like Clay and a random gym trainer with a Haxorus in the Opelucid gym are run killers. That's not even considering the annoying stuff like Ghetsis

@MimikyuShadow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzyEL958Zkk
That's a video by someone who claims to be the best nuzlocker and no one has disputed that claims so I guess he is. In his rankings, frlg and xy are the best for the first nuzlocke. According to the video among your options, the most recommended ones is bw > rse > bw2 in that order
Thanks First Sinner, I was getting a bit worried about Clay, because that's where I stopped in my normal White Playthrough, I think I'll restart and pick Oshawatt. Bw being easiest on that list right?
Oh, I'm an idot sometimes, I have FRLG on Emulator, but that is legitimately it. I don't really like FRLG, so I think I'll either do W or S.
Most recommended. It's not the easiest. Gen five was never that easy and is even a difficult game. White can be a nightmare with the N straight into Ghetsis fight

However, as with all games, just play whatever you want. That's basically what he said at the end