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Which Pokémon game is the best or can have most of the Pokémon in it ( By trading ) ? ( Answer both )

I want to buy my first Pokémon game that should be perfect for me ?
Consoles - DS, Game Boy Advance, Wii

It's ORAS. ORAS by far. Almost every Pokémon ever is available between the two of them, bar some event Legendaries and some evo lines exclusive to XY.

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The newest ones for the 3DS, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They have every Pokemon from that region, and in the Mirage Spots you can access postgame, you can find every other Pokemon from all the games except X and Y.This includes Legendaries, so you can get all Legendaries except event ones and ones from X and Y too. I highly recommend these games. They are for the 3DS, though, so you would need to buy one. If you can't get a 3DS, get Black, White, Black 2 or White 2. They are the newest games for the DS and you can still buy them used online or in some game stores.

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Thank you for the information, I will check all the games you said. The 3DS is too expensive right now , my father wouldn't let me buy it. I will by 3DS when it will become cheaper.
OK, you might be able to get a used 3ds cheaper or trade one of your older consoles in for one. (I'm not sure if you can do this, but it's an idea.) Have fun with Pokemon :).
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Any Pokemon game can have Pokemon from other games traded to it. Which one is the best is purely opinion. The generation 6 games have the newest Pokemon in them, however.