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I like more purest good quality games, and not sure I would appreciate the breeding aspect to some


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Emerald, Saphire and Ruby have the Best Starters, statwise, Swampert being the best and highest base stat of all the startersa and Sceptile has the highest total base stat of all the grass type starters(though Torterra is better cuz of better moveset). However, Blaziken has the lowest base stat of all the fire starters. Emerald also has the best legendaries.

Well which one has the best game content?
Emerald, it has a better plot since you have to go up to Raquaza to stop the battle between Groudon and Kyogre + there r many legendaries to catch including the Regis and Raquaza, Groudon and Kyogre. Plus, my favorite pokemon ever, Aggron, is mainly in this version. Emerald is awesome. Also, lol about ur name, Cats don't make good cakes
Emerald it is then :D
Cheers (:
Emerald is the best game ive ever played. Also, if someone answers a question really well, you can choose it as best answer. Welcome to the site. Did anyone on the site reccomend it to u?
I know, and nope, I found it from watching the series and then wanting to look up all the Pokémon ...which in turn led me to want a game :$
Apparently you haven't tasted my cats angel food cake lololololololololololol :):):):):):):)
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Well emerald has the strongest and more importantly to me fastest starters. But patinum is a very close second with the mega tank torterra who has one of the best move sets with the ability to be taught a all weakness covering move stone edge