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So I accidentally taught a female bellosom toxic, is there any way I can breeed the move down to an oddish even though it is female. I used a tm, and I'm only on gen 3 ruby.

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You could ALWAYS chain breed with smeargle

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No, there isn't. Oddish only learns Toxic by TM.

Generation III - Oddish learn set

Toxic is not an egg move for Oddish in Gen III, or any Gen for that matter. If you want an Oddish with Toxic, you're going to need to get the TM again, either in another Gen III game & teach that to an Oddish, or restart your Ruby game.

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Pokemon can learn HMs and TMs by breeding, but only if the father knows them. Since the Bellossom you taught Toxic to is female, then there is no way to use it to get an Oddish with Toxic.

However, that doesn't mean there is no hope. Roselia learns Toxic at level 45 naturally. So get a male Roselia, level it up until it gets Toxic, and breed it with your Bellossom (they are both in the grass egg group). The resulting Oddish should know Toxic.

Check out the breeding page on this site for more information on breeding. The section titled "Passing Down Moves" is the one of particular interest for this question.

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