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They must be available in Generation 4, and must not be legendary.

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team healers or self-healers?
Team and Self Healers

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Hey AbsoLoveer97

I always use Miltank:
Besides his cool stats, his movepull is very good.

For a healer Pokémon I alwis give him this moveset:

Milk Drink : Miltank can learn this move on Lv. 11. It is a great move to heal not only Miltank but all your other team members as well.

Heal Bell : Miltank can learn this move on Lv. 48. This will allow you to cure eny status-effects in your team.

Double Edge : Miltank can learn this move by a move tutor. You gain STAB and with the great power of this move plus Miltank's Attack stat, this is quite powerfull.

Attract : Miltank can learn this move by TM. It is just to annoy male Pokémon and gives you some free turns to heal up your Pokémon.

hope I helped you

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Chansey and Blissey with softboiled.
Audino with Heal Pulse.
Alomomola, togekiss, clefable with healing wish.
Gastrodawn with recover.
Any Pokemon with rest.

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I am looking for only generation 4 pokemon. But thank you anyways