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Lugia is overrated because it's a legendary.But it's very weak and I got a Poke Dream Radar Level 10 Dialga and Lugia.Dialga was great,but Lugia,oh Lugia,he had to get an Exp. Share.In SS,Lugia fainted ALMOST EVERY TIME HE WAS SENT OUT!!!
So help me to find the reason weak Pokemon are overrated.

Here is a list of more Pokemon I wish you would break down and find how they are overrated.

Deoxsys:One of the most weakest legendary
Pikachu:Only if you EV train him TO THE MAX and give him a Light Ball he's good.
Metagross:Bronzong can do it's job

Maybe you could think of more?If you do,post in the comments.

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- Lugia is not overrated it's overpowering due to Multiscale.
- Idek what you're talking about with Pikachu. It's in NU and way to frail
- Brongzong and Metagross have two different roles
- Deoxys is not the weakest has one of the highest stats in its forms.
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1. A level 10 Lugia needs an exp. share because it was only level 10. You obviously don't send a level 10 Pokemon out to battle in the wild unless against Pokemon of similar level.
2. You probably sent Lugia out to face something it was weak against. Since it doesn't have Multiscale before Generation V, it can't take hits as well. However, Lugia has unbelievable defences, so you probably sent it out under levelled as well, or it just had incredibly bad IVs (even so, it'll still have had really high defences). Lugia is also not an attacking Pokemon, so if you were using it for that, you weren't letting it play to its strength. Lugia's there to toxic stall and/or take hits.
3. Deoxys is not overrated. All of its forms serve very specific purposes and it does its specific jobs very well. Its speed form is there to set up quickly and Taunt any other set up Pokemon. Its attack form is there to sweep. Its defence form is there to wall.
4. Pikachu is **not** overrated. It's frail and useless without a Light Ball, even EV trained. No one uses Pikachu unless in it's in NU with a Light Ball or if they're new to battling and just want to recreate Ash's team.
5. As Starfire said, Metagross and Bronzong serve two very different purposes. Metagross is there to hit hard, and Bronzong is there to take hits & set up. Neither are overrated, considering their advantageous typings, their useful abilities, their few weaknesses and their numerous resistances.
Excuse you I use Pikachu in NU
On my gimmick team. :3
^ Exactly. No one uses Pikachu seriously. :P
Guys despite the level of the question this could somewhat be legit. Some people have trouble understanding why such and such a pokemon is considered so good when they have problems with it. I personally don't think this should be flagged or D'Voted just because we are smart enough to know everything someone else doesn't. Just my two cents.

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Lugia is a great wall when not a level 10 Pokemon. It now has access to the ability Multiscale which allow it to take some of the biggest hits in the Metagame. In-Game it's just as good with it's Special Attack and access to STAB Aeroblast, psychic, Hydro Pump, and Roost for recovery, throw a Life Orb on that sucker and you're good to go. But seriously, Level 10 is where nothing is good unless you play LC.

Deoxys-S boasts the HIGHEST speed in the games. In competitive battling it works best as a lead, get some hazards up and screw the opponent with Trick, or use Taunt/Mirror Coat if up against a Forretress. IN-game it's probably not as good because of less than great attack stats and horrible defenses. In-game you'll probably prefer using Deoxys-A or Deoxys-Normal to do your bidding, the former because of large attack and good movepool, the latter because you may be a total noob and not know where to change the forms (I speak of myself here)

Pikachu: No, don't use it unless gimmicky or noob.

Metagross has some good typing and heck of an attack stat. It has access to some strong STABs, and is able to utilize several different items. He also has access to Hone Claws which makes for a good set-up sweeper. He's got some great Bulk and good Defense which allows him to take some hits well. I don't know why you compare him to Bronzong as they have entirely different functions (although they have the same typing and Bronzong can utilize Choice Band to some extent) past that Metagross can do far better with a larger offensive movepool.

Hope this clears some stuff up for you and if not comment, and I'll do my best to elucidate.

"Level 10 isn't good unless you play Little Cup"
Well when you're using a Pokemon five levels higher than all the other Pokemon you're battling... :P
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MrKijani is complete RIGHT. I'd tell you just how frincking powerful Lugia is, but everyone has already done that.
Deoxys? Weak? Deoxy can play ANY ROLE (sweeper-attack form, revenge killer-speed form, staller-defense form). And his stats are EVER SO VERY HIGH.