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I REALLY want Lugia, and I have Omega Ruby. Lugia is my favorite Pokemon, but I have no idea how to get it.

If it isn't possible to obtain in-game, I have some good legendaries I'd happily trade for a Lugia, though I would prefer it be under level 70, as I like to raise Pokemon myself.

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You can't ask to trade on the Q&A site, this is reserved for questions about the games. If you want someone to trade you Lugia, go on Chat for those kinds of questions.
If you want to ask for a Pokemon through trade, go to the chat, you might not get one, but it's worth a try.

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You cannot get Lugia in Omega Ruby through normal play. It is version exclusive to Alpha Sapphire, against Ho-oh in Omega Ruby.

The encounter occurs at Sea Mauville. In Alpha Sapphire, the "encounter ring" will be underwater in what appears to be the engine room. In Omega Ruby, the ring will be perched high above on some over-turned support structures. You will need to complete a mini side quest to obtain the Tidal Bell (Lugia, Alpha Sapphire) or the Clear Bell (Ho-oh, Omega Ruby). It will be at level 50. Ho-oh also is holding a special item Sacred Ash, while Lugia will hold nothing.


Experience (I encountered Lugia in Alpha Sapphire)