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Im playing on my brothers Platinum game so I can get a snorunt. I know where to find one but as I was walking in the tall grass I looked down at the lower screen where the little poketch is. I pressed the red button and it went to a slide that said obtained pokemon and one of the pokemon on the slide was a snorunt. After I did that I went to the poke center to check the pc to see if thats where it was, but it wasnt. then I thought it might be at the day care center, but I checked there and I wasnt. I wasnt sure where else to check so I asked this question. How do I get the pokemon from the 'obtained pokemon slide'?

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Why didn't you ask your brother? But anyway it could be one of these:
- He released it from the PC
- He evolved it into Glalie/Froslass
- He offered it on the GTS
- He traded it with someone, either in real life or one of the in-game trades.

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My brother wasnt home and he is a loser to remember thing. plus it was a snorunt not a sneezle (lol pokemaster weavle from a snorunt)
If it had evolved, it would have shown on the Poketch.
Snorunt doesn't evolve to weavile it evolves into glalie/froslass.
Why don't you just catch another one.
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Well, you may released it OR you didn't look enought.
When you catch a Pokémon, it always is in your party or PC.

Or she could have accidently traded it