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I was tired, and I thought this post on tumblr was serious until I got to bullet point 4.

In any case, has there been any official news as to why Fairy is weak to Steel & Poison, and why it's resisted by Fire and Poison, and why it's resistant to Dark, Bug & Fighting? (Fairy, Bulbapedia; shows type properties)

If there hasn't, does anyone have any explanation for it, other than the all encompassing "because Game Freak said so"?

There has been no offical news so all we can do is guess at the moment.
I'm just going to point out that the Fairy type was introduced to make the game a little more balanced. Poison and Steel are only super-effective against one or two types currently (Grass for Poison and Rock/Ice for Steel), so they will be super-effective against Fairy to make them more useful.
@MM: I thought that about Poison & Steel too, but I thought maybe there was some in-game logic, other than just balancing the metagame.

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Like mentioned before me Game Freak hasn't confirmed it so we can't say for sure however I do have some hypotheses

Weakness (Explanation)


I believe it's weakness to Steel could be associated with the fact that steel and iron can deflect many if not all forces that don't use physical pressure to hit it as Fire doesn't exactly damage steel but rather forces it's molecules to spread. With fairy magic often displayed as a light yet powerful force it seems logic to me that steel is able to deflect their magic and send it flying against them as steel is often the material of which holy weapons are made. Weapons that are created to fight higher forces such as magic. Excalibur is a nice example of this


Fairies are often benevolent creatures and they have been shown to be much stronger then their size portrays them to be. However they have also shown to be quite frail. Though they have the ability to help others, the ability to cure themselves or others is not permitted to them and with this the easiest way to kill a fairy is to intoxicate it as it will quickly die should help not be rendered soon

Resisted by (Explanation)


I believe that fire can't be stopped by fairy because fire is a primitive force. One that has existed much longer then fairies and is with this a mystic and powerful form of magic. Fire is also a type of magic that can't simply be stopped by a common spell as it can scorch the spell into oblivion. In order to hit bewitched fire a fairy must summon rain or water and with this attempt to quench the fire. The need to summon water can be associated with the simple fact that they are not capable of doing the job themselves


The fact that they can't heal themselves with their powers states that their magic does not match up with that of intoxication as they themselves can either cure themselves as well as another living being. They often do know how but just don't have the ability to.

Resistance to(Explanation)


Fairies are often thought to be only benevolent but there are many in their species name that are rather dirty, filthy, double-faced and or sinister and sly. With this they have wide knowledge about dark arts as well an know how to use it as well as stop it. Good Fairies and Dark Fairies and or Dark Forces have a blistering rivalry however as often as they fight each other, none tends to win causing the fight to often be set still as they plan to attack again


Bugs are known to be one of the frailest living creatures in a fairy tale ad with this often stand under the protection or under the power of a guardian fairy. With such loyalty to them it is normal that they are not in the state to damage them very much


Fairies have also shown to be very wise creatures that fight only if it is the last resort. With this they can easily avoid a fight as long as they desire as their mental abilities are great. And as following attacks from aggressive beings(Humans) don't tend to damage fairies much and is with this also rare for they might be mostly little but the power they contain is stunning. Though it is never too much for a target to bare

I personally think that these things might be the reason behind it's resistances and weaknesses

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lol how you know so much about fairies, do you read fairy tales? :P
Who doesn't read fairy tales?!
Lol, fairy tales are everywhere
And I just wrote my trivial knowledge about them c:
I'd like to add to the weakness to Steel. Generally the old tales have it so that only magic can kill magic (with the weapons of Arthur for example usually attributed magical properties). However, Steel represents far more than just the sword. It represents the growth and industrialization of man, something which is shown in many tales as threatening the existence of magic.
So Steel = Excalibur and Fairy = Merlin and since Arthur is more power > Merlin, Steel > Fairy. Or did I completely misinterpret that.
It's acually according to myth cold iron is such an impure object that when a fairy touches it the fairy would be poisoned
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There has been no official news, but the best thing to do currently is to wait for Pokemon X and Y to get released. Then there will be tons of information about types, move and stats

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Im just guessing here because there is no right or wrong.

Weak to steel because fairies are considered small and cute so a block of steel would crush it.

Weak and resisted by poison because fairies symbolise all things good and poison symbolises deceit and murder (poisoning someone)

Resisted by fire because fairies are considered small and fragile and so they would burn to death in fire.

Resistant to dark because dark symbolises evil and monsters and fairies symbolise good so it's the saying of good overcomes evil.

Resistant to bug because bugs are really ugly and pretty things are better than ugly things.

Resistant to fighting because who could hit such a cute fairy type? c:

And mainly because... Game Freak said so!