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Here is my current Jolteon:

Speedy (Jolteon) @ Air Balloon
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Volt Switch

I have been thinking about switching the balloon for something more useful, but both of the items that I have been thinking if using both have drawbacks. Choice Specs gets me locked into a move, and ground types are very common, so I would have to switch out normally, which ruins the point of volt switch. The other item is Life Orb, which I don't really like because Jolteon is frail enough anyways, and the Life Orb recoil really doesn't help much. I also don't have another ground immunitiy or resistance on my team. Any suggestions are appreciated


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I think that air balloon should be fine. Life orb is definitely a no because as you said, Jolteon is rather frail. If you wanna go Choice Specs, I recommend taking out Volt Switch and putting in something like hyper voice or signal beam or shockwave. A good item is magnet or zap plate as it boosts electric moves. Another choice is Focus sash to make Jolteon live longer as most decent STAB moves will destroy your Jolteon.

Hope this helped!

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I would go with the Choice Specs.
Volt Switch would allow you to scout what the opponent is doing. Also because of the team preview you know what Ground types your opponent has, so you will know once you have dealt with them. If you haven't dealt with them, then you can predict a switch and just go with the HP Ice.

Hope I helped.