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I'd prefer to have a Psychic type on my team in Black 2. Alas, I'm just torn between which Pokemon to choose.

The internet's popular choice was Reuinclus and Musharna, both of which are far from my reach (I'm only at Castelia). I am able to trade with White though, so it should be easy, but personally I'd rather not. I would if I had to. However, Gothitelle is still popular. :3

Is there another Psychic type you'd recommend?
Thanks. :)

NOTE: Don't suggest Victini or Beheeyem. They are hard to get and ugly, respectively. Also, don't suggest a full moveset unless absolutely necessary. Thank you. :3

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Use sigilyph. You can get it in the desert resort and it's decently fast as well.

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There are still a few psychic types in your reach that aren't the ones you mentioned
However all of them will be obtained rather a little later in the game beginning from Mistralton City.


Besides all these psychic types I recommend one that has a dual role as a surfer and as a fast, powerful hitter with decent enough bulk. This little is often forgotten but the power that it wields is utterly stunning. No one else but Starmie. It is the fastest non-legendary psychic type that you will have access to in-game and it's movepool will bring tears of joy in your eyes. Like most Pokemon that require an evolution stone, it's learnset by level-up is much more appealing as a Staryu but the TMs that it gets surpasses both learnsets anyways. It can be caught as a Staryu at Route 13, Undella Town and Humilau City. It can also be caught fully evolved as a Starmie but this is rarer. For the fact that it gets access to really powerful electric and Ice type attacks as well it is a very appealing Pokemon to use even when facing Marlon and Drayden as well as being of great utility against Marshall and Iris


Another viable option is Metagross but unless you have Pokemon Dream Radar the only way you will be able to get one is by catching a Metang at the Giant Chasm which can only be accessed at nearly the end of the main story and I am not sure if you would like to have to wait for so long to get it. Anyhow if this isn't a problem for you I am pretty sure you know that Metagross is an extremely powerful psychic type Pokemon and one of the few that is rather physically based. With this it has access to powerful coverage moves such as Brick Break, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, The Elemental Punches(Via Move-Tutors), Meteor Mash eventually Shadow Ball and Psychic. With this it can be a serious powerhouse in nearly any team and grant victory at the League relatively easy. Though it must be noted that it can be a little hard to train as it's movepool isn't that fabulous until it evolves into Metagross and then it is still limited to a few moves but if that doesn't bother you it is a nice psychic type to use


Last but not least I have found a psychic type that is exactly around your location but just not evolved yet. Eevee. I believe you play Pokemon usually during the day time and seeing as Eevee will evolve into Espeon at day, it is for now the fastest and one of the most powerful psychic types you will run into in-game. It has a formidable base special attack stat and it's movepool is incredible as it gets access to many, many powerful attacks including Shadow Ball. It can be caught in Castelia City. You just need to go to the sewers and climb on the first staircase you run into and there you will see grasspatches where you will be able to catch infinite Eevee and some other Pokemon. If you don't want to wait very long to get Starmie and you really want a psychic type right now....well soon enough, I would say Espeon is your best bet for it is really worth the time training it.

However if I must chose one to recommend to you, I would say Starmie is one of the best and funnest to raise psychic type Pokemon in the entire game

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Thanks, I'll take this into account. :)
You are welcome c:
I played with Espeon at first, I do not regret playing with her. Starmie will be a problem since it is Water, and my starter is Water. (However, I think I can avoid this little problem, but vulnerability will be the major problem)
I don't like playing with Pokemon again on the same game (it just feels redundant) but I guess I will rely on Espeon if all else fails. :3
lol, ok
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I think for the purposes of in-game, Musharna will do well enough. While Reuniclus is the better Pokemon with Recover and Magic Guard, Musharna pretty much has the same bulk as Reuniclus does, but a more shallow movepool (missing moves like Thunder and Focus Blast). She also has Moonlight, which is Recover but based on the weather. Still, in-game weather is not that common, so Moonlight & Recover serve the same purposes.

Then again, you only get Munna in the Dreamyard and in B2, that's post game. You're going to need to trade if you want either Reuniclus or Musharna. Ultimately, if you had got to the bother of trading, you might as well get a Magic Guard Reuniclus.

Gothitelle is okay I guess, but for some reason she learns a fair number of physical moves while having base 55 attack. She also has lower than 100 sp. atk & HP, unlike Musharna and Reuniclus, and her slightly better base 65 speed is not making that much of a difference. She does have a good enough moveset with T-bolt, Psychic, Shadow Ball & Energy Ball/ Signal Beam though, so if you really didn't want to trade, Gothitelle gives good coverage.

Thank you for your answer. :)