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Hello all,
In Pokemon Omega Ruby I am attempting to make a non-legendary team, and I am looking for something to replace my Deoxys.
This is my team so far:
Metagross lv. 85
(Can mega evolve)
Sableye lv. 90
(Can mega evolve)
Zoroark lv. 90
(Psychic non-legend here)
I was thinking about Medicham, but you guys probably know something better.
I have the last 2, a ground type and a flying type covered.
Thanks much!

why would you want to replace deoxyds :/
oh nvm i see

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A good Psychic non-legend in ORAS would be a Ralts. You can decide to evolve it into a the physical sweeper Gallade or the special sweeper Gardevoir. You can't really go wrong here as both has good stats and Mega Evolution. A Ralts can be caught fairly early in the game (Route 102), but may take long as it is rare in that area.
Another good choice might be Abra, which can be caught at levels 10-12 in the Granite Cave. However, like Ralts, it is also rare and might use Teleport to escape. Later on, you can evolve it into a Kadabra and trade it to get a fast special sweeper Alakazam
You may also want to consider Xatu and Wobuffet, which both can be found in the Safari Zone.
Trading over Psychic-type Pokemon, such as Slowbro, can work. You can Mega Evolve Slowbro by first collecting four Shoal salts and four Shoal shells and give it to the man looking for them (in Shoal Cave). He'll then give you the Slowbro Mega Stone.

I'll add more information later...
I hope this helped!

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Definitely Alakazam, is a very fast special sweeper. It's one weakness is that it is pretty frail unlike Gardevoir. But Gardevoir is better overall.
Gardevoir has a nice mega evolution too; Mega Alakazam loses its useful ability Magic Guard.
At the same time tho since they already have Pokemon that can mega evolve mega evolving alakazam is not really something that is hard to avoid so I think alakazam would be best (my opinion)
i think the best two choices here are ralts and abra :P