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Hello everyone!
I am building a new non-legendary team! I need some help replacing the following:
Things I was thinking: Medicham, Gallade, Gardevoir, Alakazam
Things I was thinking: None
That's all so far...
The Pokemon I have on the team so far are:
Zoroark Lv. 90
Metagross Lv. 85
Sableye Lv. 90
Camerupt (I don't have it yet but I am 100% sure i'm getting one)
Thanks a lot!


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For you psychic type, I would suggest Gallade or Gardevoir, because Ralts you can get just before Petalburgh, whereas Abra is a pain to catch because of Teleport and Meditite you can only get in Mt. Pyre. Between Gallade and Gardevoir, I would lean towards Gardevoir because of the slightly more advantageous typing, but if you like Gallade better than go for that.

For your Rayquaza replacement, I would suggest your starter, preferably Swampert or Sceptile (Blaziken is redundant on your team). You need something with Surf to get around Hoenn, so Swampert is the better choice for your team, even though you'll get a Dragon with Mega-Sceptile.

Well I don't really want to use my starter, because it's not the right level and I don't have enough time to train it, but I'll probably end up using Gardevoir for the Psychic one. I also don't utilize surf often because I use the soaring feature with Mega Latios/Latias.I was thinking maybe a flying type to replace Rayquaza because my most used HM Move is Fly. Thanks for helping me out!
hey didn't you already ask for a good psychic type? :P http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/222835/good-psychic-non-legend
@MechSteelix I wanted to get a more diverse idea, but a lot of people said Gardevoir/Gallade
Oh, and Salamence is a great choice for a Dragon-type as well :D