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An Egglocke is a type of Challenge like Nuzclocke
It is mostly done by YouTubers

You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area you explore. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area.

Every caught Pokemon needs to be swapped out for an egg

The eggs will be provided by other people like Subscribers and Friends

There is also an option for a Dupe Clause
A Dupe Clause is when a Pokemon is hatched the hatched Pokemon doesn't count if you already have that Pokemon and you can select another egg

Optional Rules

Nickname every Pokemon you hatch

A Pokemon that faints must sent a Graveyard or RIP Box or Released.
A fainted Pokemon can never be used again

You must ditch your starter :(

A Few Examples of an Egglocke :
Here and This

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An Egglocke is a Nuzlocke variant where friends or subscribers send in eggs to be hatched and used in the game instead of normal catches. The normal Nuzlocke rules also apply, which are:

(italicised rules are things for egglockes)

  • All Pokemon that faint have to be permanently boxed forever and be considered dead.

  • You can only catch the first encounter you see in every location. Gift Pokemon do not count towards this. If you already have something that's is something that you have, you can skip the encounter and try again. However, since it's an egglocke, the last part isn't a concern.

  • All your catches and gifted Pokemon have to be exchanged for a received egg. Once the egg is hatched, use a Rare Candy cheat to level the hatchling to the level of the Pokemon that you exchanged.

Those are the basic rules to any Nuzlocke or it's variant. They can be changed or more rules can be added to what kind of challenge you want.