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On smogmon it says charizard is a NU(never used) Pokemon. Why?


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  • It has a x4 weakness to Stealth Rock, one of the most popular moves in the game. This means its health is cut in half every time it switches in when Rocks are laid out.
  • Flying is a terrible offensive typing, so it's side Flying type is really only providing it with extra weaknesses.
  • Without sunlight, it is just another generic Fire-type that is outclassed by many Fire types already in the higher tiers. Plus, all Fire types benefit from sunlight, so in this way it is outclassed.

Basically, it just has trouble fitting in with higher tiers. Don't let it's strong appearance and popularity fool you.

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Thanks but ill still stick with my Charizard
No problem :)

Charizard *does* work in the higher tiers but it is just outclassed by other Fire-types that can hit harder, are faster, and have a better typing.
Charzard is THE most overrated pokemon ever created
charizard and gyarados could of been dragon types if there was dragon types in gen 1 (other than dragon rage but not really dragon)