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Well, if you did a battle between the two, Mewtwo would come out on top every time. Mew is no match for most Ubers, and its only use is to Baton Pass. Mewtwo can destroy an entire team by itself, and still has an incredibly large movepool that really is only missing Swords Dance (which it doesn't need.)

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Well stat wise has to be Mewtwo because he has higher base stat points

Moveset wise is Mew because it can learn all tm-hm and bp moves which is very efficient

Overall, I would choose Mew because of all the moveset you can have with it!

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Mew is good as it learns more moves by TM, valuble and rare moves by level-up.

Mewtwo is also great because its special-attack can get rid of anything.

I really cant choose, so if you're thinking about witch one to put in your team, thats your choice.

Hope this helps.:P

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It depends on which Gen because move set varies, Mewtwo has a higher stat total but Mew can learn all moves. So it depends... Personally, I don't really know.

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