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Not by personal preferance but by stats moveset

and i better not hear anyone making fun of torterra's speed cause turtwig was my first pokemon ever and my level 100 torterra has 205 as his speed stat

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First of all, TORTERRA RULES IN ALL STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS MY 2ND FAVORITE STARTER(behind Swampert!). Now, to answer you question, I would say Venasaur because it ties with Meganium and Torterra with the lowest total stat of all the starters. It has terrible attacks. Its highest power attacks are solarbeam and double edge which both have TERRIBLE drawbacks. It has low attack and this is bad because most of its attacks are physical.

torterra is awesome!!!!!
TORTERRA RULES ALL STARTERS(Except Swampert, but he is only very slightly better than Torterra). TORTERRA RULES! TORTERRA RULES!
though techincally speaking torterra would kill swampert do to 4x weakness
Yes, but I only compare pokemon by battling without type-resistance or weaknesses. That way, it shows a better idea of who is better all around, not just type wise.
well yes your right, but remember that you can teach any grass pokemon the move leafstorm which is a strong move if you know how and i know how, but it all relies on how you train your pokemon ,but my favorite is meganium
Infernape is good too.
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well there is none, that may sound cliche but it's the truth your pokemon's strength relies on it's trainer, it's nature and of course it's move set, so what if you have a strong pokemon but you don't know how train it well and does'nt know what moves are good with it, and what about meganium not knowing any good attack, well if you know meganium is my favorite grass pokemon starter, but i'm not saying this without proof, meganium can learn leaf storm which is a good grass-type move if you know how that is(i can teach how if you like)
the best move for grass-type pokemon is:solar beam or grass knot,leaf storm(but only use this if your sure to use it)energy ball and synthesis or alternate type move
well you see what i'm saying is that there is no weak pokemon, it all depends on how you train it

Where can I get Leaf Storm For my Meganium?
you don't need leaf storm, there is frenzy plant.
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I would say meganium is the worst because it does not have many good moves it's best attack is solar beam but it's stats are alright.

That is not true. I picked Meganium in HG and it was Amazing. If you ev train it to have high special attack and speed with good sp. attack moves and a special attack nature, and it can have an awesome petal dance and can be almost as good as Torterra!!!!!!
I agree with Pokemaster.