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In the games that I have played (SS,B2,W2) have had Gym's well suited for the Fire type starters. Could you evaluate this and see if I'm not going crazy?


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HG/SS: Only 4/16 GL are weak to Fire types.

B/W 2: 1/8 GL are weak to Fire.

I don't know what you see but nothing there states that Fire dominates. Esp. in B/W 2 who have Skyla, Drayden, Clay, and Marlon. In HG/SS they have Clair, Brock, Misty, and Blaine.

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Well I had a very easy time with my good old Emboar and Typhlosion in those games. So they must've had some pretty excellent IV's or something... I dunno but that's how I saw it. :/
Maybe they did have good IVs idk I can't check for you :P But gym wise they're meh
Well, Typhlosion rocks the Elite Four, but not really the Gyms.
Star, Skyla isn't a huge threat to Fire Types, she has a Ducklett, yes, but also a Skarmory.
Emboar = Fire/Fighting

Wasn't just talking about its Fire type side lol