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Sabrina's warp-tile puzzle
Fantina's quiz-like puzzle
Giovanni's moving-tile puzzle
Koga's maze-like puzzle
Lt. Surge's switch-activation puzzle

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Um X, he’s asking for the type of puzzle of each gym. Like, the different types of puzzles in the gyms
Just the different types of puzzle formats (i.e. my example of a quiz-like puzzle and your example of a guantlet).
Yes, Smoothie. Thank you.
I may have misunderstood -- I was under the impression that you wanted every Gym puzzle to find the patterns between them. If this is the case, then I can say with confidence that the most major subsets are the gauntlet and the entity puzzle. Other minor variations exist, like the quiz (Fantina and Clemont), but the overall formation remains the same.

If I was mistaken, I'm sorry for being an idiot :P
Np. The examples in my title and your examples (plus, any you might have missed) will suffice greatly.
They're mostly all mazes with a couple repeated other styles, (quiz, warp panel.)

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Note - there's no correct name for these puzzles so I'm just making up my own names

Gen 1 and Gold/Silver and HeartGold/SoulSilver Kanto gyms

Pewter city Gym - maze-like puzzle
Cerulean Gym - maze-like puzzle
Vermilion Gym - switch puzzle
Celadon Gym - maze-like puzzle
Fuchsia Gym - invisible maze-like puzzle
Saffron Gym - warp tile puzzle
Cinnabar Gym - quiz-like puzzle
Seafoam Island Gym - maze-like puzzle
Viridian Gym - moving tile puzzle

Gen 2

Violet Gym - tower-like/maze-like puzzle
Azalea Gym (Gold and Silver) - maze-like puzzle
Azalea Gym (HeartGold and SoulSilver) - moving kart puzzle
Goldenrod Gym - maze-like gym
Ecruteak Gym (Gold/Silver) - invisible maze-like puzzle
Ecruteak Gym (HeartGold/SoulSilver) - I don't know how to explain it. Just look at this
Cianwood Gym (gold/silver) - maze-like puzzle
Cianwood gym (HeartGold/SoulSilver) - winch-turning puzzle
Olivine Gym - there is no puzzle. you can just walk straight to jasmine
Mahogany Gym - ice sliding puzzle
Blackthorn Gym (Gold/Silver) - maze-like puzzle
Blackthorn Gym (HeartGold/SoulSilver) - platform moving puzzle

Do you even realise how much time this takes?

Gen 3

Rustboro Gym - maze-like puzzle
Dewford Gym - maze-like puzzle
Mauvile Gym - electric door puzzle
Lavaridge Gym - warping tile puzzle
Petalburg Gym - room choosing puzzle
Fortree Gym - rotating door puzzle
Mossdeep Gym - warp tile puzzle
Sootopolis Gym - maze-like puzzle

Gen 4

Oreburgh Gym - there's no puzzle in this. you can just walk to Roark or you can fight a trainer and fight Roark
Eterna Gym (DP and BDSP) - hidden trainer maze-like puzzle (I don't know how to say it)
Eterna Gym (Platinum) - clock puzzle puzzle(i dont know how to say this either)
Veilstone Gym (BDSP and DP) - path making puzzle?
Veilstone Gym (Platinum) - punching bag pushing puzzle
Pastoria Gym - water level-changing puzzle
Hearthome Gym - quiz-like puzzle
Canalave Gym - moving platform/lift puzzle
Snowpoint Gym - snowball pushing puzzle
Sunyshore Gym - rotating platform puzzle

Gen 5 (I'm not going to list Black 2 White 2 gym puzzles)

Striaton Gym - type choosing puzzle
Nacrene Gym - quiz like puzzle
Castelia Gym - button pressing puzzle
Nimbasa Gym - roller coaster puzzle
Driftveil Gym - elevator puzzle
Mistralton Gym - canon puzzle
Icirrus Gym - Ice skating puzzle
Opelucid Gym - maze-like puzzle

Gen 6

Santalune Gym - maze like puzzle
Cyllage Gym - climbing puzzle
Shalour Gym- trainer defeating puzzle?
Coumarine Gym - obstacle course
Lumiose Gym - quiz-like puzzle
Laverre Gym - warp tile puzzle
Anistar Gym - warp tile puzzle
Snowbelle Gym - rotating plat form puzzle

Gen 8 yay the last one

Turfield tadium - wooloo herding puzzle
Hulbury Stadium - maze-like/switch activating puzzle
Monostoke Stadium - defeating/catching wild Pokemon puzzle
Stow-on-Side Stadium - spinning teacup puzzle
Ballonlea Stadium - quiz-like puzzle
Circhester Stadium - maze-like puzzle
Spikemuth Gym - no puzzle
Hammerlocke Stadium - no puzzle

Well that's it I guess.


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that took too much time
Congratulations on answering, but what's your source? And if you're not sure that this is the full list, you're better off with a comment than answering.
I feel like Hammerlocke and Ballonlea would also be considered as trainer defeating puzzles. On Ballonlea's specifically its a hybrid with the quiz.
Great, but Seafoam Islands aren't a gym location.
For Ecruteak Gym in HGSS, I'd call it a Guantlet.
The Shalour Gym is considered to be a Skating rink puzzle
So far, this answered my question of which gym housed which style variation of puzzle.
Seafoam Islands is a Gym location in HeartGold and SoulSilver.