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I'm Kinda Confused With This.

can someone do this most to least?
It’s better to ask a new question instead of bumping up an old one, but:
1. Unova, 156
2. Kanto, 151
3. Hoenn, 135
4. Sinnoh, 107
5. Johto, 100
6. Alola, 86
7. Kalos, 72
Adding to Fizz's answer:
Galar: 89

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>Generation V introduced the most new Pokémon to the series, with 156 (five more than Generation I introduced).

Generation V

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if he means, which pokedex has the most pokemon in it (the question isn't very clear) then it is still Unova, although from Black 2/White 2, which has 301 pokemon in it (they go up to #300, but Victini is #000, so there are 301 total).