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just curious. Oh, and one more thing. Dont list the names, cause I dont want to read a long list of them.

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I won't tell the names, there are 60 games.

1 for PC (Pokemon World Online, not counting Showdown or PO)
1 for Wii U
7 for Wii
6 for 3Ds
20 for DS
4 for Gamecube
10 for Gameboy
7 for Gameboy Advance
and 4 for Nintendo 64

1+1+7+6+20+4+7+10+4 = 60, no ?

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oh, it seems like we both have different answers. Well anyways well done :)
60! Thats amazing!
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Well it depends on how you count the manga in. Anyhow, this is what I found.

  • Main Games: There are 21 Main Pokemon games and including X and Y, 23
  • Spin-Offs: There are 45 Spin-Off games
  • Manga: There are 10 Pokemon Adventure manga and 72 different manga series that form a total of 117 if volumes are included

21/23+45+10/72/117= 76/78 _138/140_183/185


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