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Me curious :3

K fine I want to know the side effects of Trick.

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There're two moves that are working differently for this Seasonal: Present, renamed to Offer Beer, and Trick, which works as a trick or treat. Offer Beer gives a special beer to opposing Pokémon, giving it several side effects in the form of boosts. Trick has a random effect, mostly tricks and a few treats, either helping the using Pokémon or trampling the enemy Pokémon with some sort of volatile status.

Those are the tricks. You can see the below link for the list of eligable Pokemon.

Source: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/seasonal-ladder-octoberfest.3489114/
I think she means what are they. Not that.
This is what they are >.>
Bad JarJar SS101 is right I already know about Trick and Present. I want to know what are all of Tricks side effects.
Be  more clear with what you are asking. :/
I thought saying Trick was clear enough....

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Not as good as the April Fools taunts, but still pretty awesome. These are the ones I've had so far:

Trick: Bombed with rotten eggs! (damage dealt; I think it's a Poison move)
Treat: Om nom nom roots! (Ingrain)
Trick: You got hit in the head! (confused)
Treat: Uhm, these candy taste weird... (some stats change)
-Special Attack sharply rose!
-Speed fell!
-evasiveness fell!
Trick: Doused with water! (damage dealt; Water move)
Trick: Your car was stolen! (Embargo)
Trick: You're haunted and you're going to die! (Perish Song)
Treat: You got some yummy seeds! (Leech Seed)
Trick: You've been taunted by those meddling kids! (Taunt)
Trick: You got scared by a real-looking costume! (damage dealt; I think this is Ghost type)
Treat: You got candy! (Health replenished)
Trick: Your arms were maimed!
- The foe's Snorlax's Ice Punch was disabled! (I guess punching moves are disabled)

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Your arms were maimed!
lol so random
Nice! About the Disable one it just works like Disable. It blocks the last move you used from being used lol
Is it? It didn't work when I used it against a Weavile using Low Kick. I thought i just disabled any hand using moves. :O
K so I just played and found three others

One for Torment called: Trick: You're tormented by the constant tricking!

One called: Kick in the nuts xD Which I think is Fighting/Normal.

And one called: Trick: Fireworks at your feet!
I'm crying @ kick in the nuts.