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Sorry for putting this on a Pokemon thread but can you help me fix my connection? It stopped working after I used the pokegts thing because I wanted to get a gastly and breed it.. now my connection is messed up and I am not allowed to reset my router... help? :(

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Okay, have you tried to go to internet settings and setting the DNS to Auto-Obtain? If you have done that, try to re-enter all the connection settings again. If not, then I think that you are in a bit of bad luck, but setting the DNS back to Auto-Obtain should do the trick. If not, comment below.

Hope this helps!

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I know nothing about computers. So I didn't understand that.
I'm better at, like... aesthetics than athletics. Yeeeeeeh. x3
Uh no it didnt work and I deleted the settings and now my wifi has a white box..