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My Internet connection has a password. On my DS Internet settings, when I look for a connection, it shows my Internet with a silver lock. So I have to go to Advanced Settings to connect to it. But when I get on my Soul Silver game, the Internet doesn't work. I tried connecting at the menu of the Soul Silver game, but it wouldn't let me. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help!

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You need the Wi-Fi setting in WEP/WPA forgot which to have SoulSilver connect. The fact your Wi-Fi setting is in the advanced setting means that games from Gen IV won't connect to Wi-Fi only Gen V. So figure out how to change that setting and your able to use Wi-Fi on SoulSilver and any other Gen IV game. :P

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All servers for the old gamed Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Platinum, etc have gone down to work on White, Black, White 2, Black 2, so the servers won't come back.

The servers keep you connected on wi-fi, but when it is down, it no longer allows access to wi-fi. As long as there is one down, you cannot connect, but if all are up, then you can connect.

It stays up for about a month after a new generation of Pokemon comes out, but then it collapses. This is because the server has moved on to the newer game. So, you have no access to wi-fi in your game now.

So no matter what you try, you cannot connect to wifi in your game unless if you play one of the mentioned.

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