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So I bought Soul Silver on eBay. I’m having fun and get to goldenrod city. I see that Thunderbolt is a TM in the game corner and I’m like: well this’ll be a chore, especially without slots but my flaafy could use it. So I sit down to play and the screen goes black but the music keeps playing. None of the buttons work and I’ve had a similar crash on my platinum. I think: well ok I’ve seen similar stuff before it’s probably just gen 4 being gen 4. It’s old so it ain’t perfect you know? So I try again and this time no sound but it still goes black. Third times the charm and the music is back along with the black screen. When I close my 3Ds the music still plays. It’s like I’ve soft locked it or something. Only the home button seems to let me out. I’ve heard it might mean my game is fake. Especially since it has a gray shell. But my platinum had a gray shell too and the infrared works fine I play with my friend all the time. Does anyone know what’s up? I really need those TMs.

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Well the answer is yes it's glitches or broken or fake, but we can't be sure with limited information
The glitch u saw in platinum is most likely the void glitch.
Well I’ve never entered the void (not something one just casually does and it’s more common in diamond than platinum) and sometime  my game would just crash in platinum. Only during battles and it it would just freeze. I made the comparison because more than once the music has kept playing while it was stuck. In Soul Silver the screen just goes black. It’s like part of the code is missing or something.
On the game chip, is their the white seal around the nintendo lgo
No there is isn’t but It does say official Nintendo seal which should be correct and the ESRB doesn’t look fuzzy.  The serial code is really clear though. Is it possible to post and image here?
So I just realized under the Nintendo seal it has the copyright symbol and not trademarked. That means it’s fake, doesn’t it?

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If the cartridge is gray, I'm pretty sure it's fake, DS cartridges are supposed to be black. To tell if a cartridge is fake first, you can look at the Official Nintendo Seal, if your carts are fake, it will say, Original Nintendo Seal Of Quality instead of Official Nintendo Seal, also those numbers on the back, the black numbers, if it's they could be crooked, or not aligned properly, and finally, if you look at the green microchip you might see only one number, but theres supposed to be numbers and letters all along the green microchip.
I hope this helped, and if you can't understand these steps here's a (Youtube) video all about it.

What shade of gray was it exactly? because yours could have been a really dark gray. There is no such thing as a gray DS game unless it is a 3DS game.
Seems like everything checks out. The text is correct there are letters on most parts of the green chip that I can see without actually opening it. It’s not black like my white version though it has a dark gray border like my platinum. Is there any way to test it?
The Gen 5 games have darker cartriges, I've noticed.