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In-game I'd recommend totodile if he was your starter, lapras, golduck, gyrados, politaod, slowbro, starmie, Vaporeon, octilery, or blastiose.
There are others to so check for yourself:
I'd only mentioned Pokemon you could find in-game and not from the national dex because you probably haven't beat the game yet.
Hope I helped!:)

I just gave a few examples that are good ones, there are probably more I'd recommend from the links:)
also I didn't mention legendries in case you hate being overpowered like I do:)
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While it is relatively difficult to obtain, Lapras is not only one of the best water types, but also one of the best additions to your team in non-competetive battling. It's got sick Hp/defense, and its attack is not to be made fun of.
It also has various stat moves that can be abused for a powerful sweeper as well, combined with a decent move pool

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I like,

Gyrados:very stong can be obtained at good level at lake of rage.

Swampert: really good.

Quagsire:good bulk easialy obtained and is over all good.

Slowbro:easly obtained early on and a decent water type and gets yawn and curse.

Thanks guys I will probably choose somebody like slowbro or lapras