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My team is:
What would be a strong Pokemon to add to this?
It doesn't have to be grass but I would like for it to not be any of the types above.
I just got to the elite four so I cannot get Pokemon from kanto
No legendaries, please.

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I would recommend Tauros because it has good physical attack and speed and it gets STAB from the very strong return.

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Magneton. It has the Steel and Electric typing making it a type you don't already have and it comes pretty handy for Lance's Pokemon which are all flying. You can find it at the Safari Zone at L.17 and it can be helpful later down the road when you try to catch all the legendary in the post-post-game. (Basically after beating Red) Only down side to this Pokemon is that you have to trade it to a Sinnoh game for it to evolve to Magnezone. If you are okay with not evolving it then this is the Pokemon for you. (Also BTW Magnezone has a lower base speed than Magneton)
If Magneton isn't your cup of tea, then another suggestion would be a Pokemon that I enjoy using: Oddish. It is pretty useful all around just not in the battle against Lance. Now you can catch it in the route before the Safari Zone at Lv.32 in the form of Gloom. Now comes the fun part of this Pokemon, the branched evolutions! If you like your grass types with the poison type then Vileplume is the Pokemon is for you. If you like your grass type with no additional types added on, then Bellossom is the one for you. The only difference between these two is that Vileplume has 100 special attack and 90 special defence while Bellossom has 90 special attack and 100 special defence.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know any other omes that could work as well? I think magneton is kinda ugly lol
EXCUSE ME? Magneton is beautiful.
There is Lanturn, but that has the water type, there's also Electrode, which you could have gotten from the Rocket Hideout,   or obtain a Voltorb from a an via trade in Olivine City(if I remember correctly)
I think those are ulgy too (sorry)
Would a oddish or a exeggcute be better? Im kinda split
I mean the differences between the Oddish Family and Exeggutor are a couple. First and foremost, Exeggutor has +5 more speed than Vileplume and Bellossom and +25/+35 Special Attack than Vileplume/Bellossom. Exeggutor also get the Psychic typing in addition to the grass typing which means psychic will have STAB (Same Attack Type Bonus). Only bad problem is that Exeggcute can only be found by head-butting certain trees. The location of the trees you can find a Exeggcute using headbutt is: Routes 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 47 & 48, New Bark Town, Cherrygrove City, Violet City, National Park, Ecruteak City, Lake of Rage, and Safari Zone Gate. Gloom would be much easier to encounter and catch.
Jokes on you i already caught an exeggcute earlier:)
Go for it then.
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Depends somewhat on what moveset you're planning to use on Dragonair/Dragonite eventually, but I'd look at getting either an Electric or Psychic-type; both are very useful for the E4.

For Electric, Ampharos or Magneton is probably best.

Ampharos has a slightly better movepool (Signal Beam and Power Gem, though they come fairly late, plus Focus Blast from a TM if you want), is bulkier, and easier to train.

Magneton's Steel typing is nice to have at times and it's a bit faster. If you can trade with DPPt to get a Magnezone, it's also stronger.

For Psychic, consider Alakazam, Jynx, Exeggutor, Espeon, maybe Starmie or Slowbro if you're willing to double down on the Water typing a bit.

Alakazam is a monster offensively, but requires trading to get and is fragile. It also doesn't have a hugely useful movepool beyond Psychic (though TMs can round it out nicely with stuff like Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Grass Knot, or Shock Wave), but Alakazam's raw power and awesome speed make it the best overall choice. Even without trading, Kadabra is pretty good in a pinch.

Jynx is really good and somewhat underrated. If you don't have an Ice move on Vaporeon or Dragonair it will help a lot with Lance etc. However, its level up moves are pretty bad and mostly use its terrible physical attack, requiring you to use TMs to unlock its real potential. Since the Psychic TM only comes after the Elite 4, it might not be the best choice.

Exeggutor allows you to still have a Grass type and is quite powerful, but it can't get a better Psychic move than Confusion without a TM unless you raise Exeggcute to 47 before evolving, which is a lot to ask.

Starmie is fast, tougher than you think, and has a lot of great movepool options. However, it also really needs TMs to be most effective, Psychic in particular. Surf, Psychic + pick two of Recover/Thunder(bolt)/Blizzard or Ice Beam makes it nasty.

Slowbro is slow (duh), but very bulky. It shares a need for the Psychic TM for maximum usefulness unless you're willing to wait until 50+. However, Slowbro does have the option of running a Curse set and going for the slow, tanky, physical attacking route. Something like Curse + Zen Headbutt along with two of Avalanche, Surf, Slack Off can be very strong and tough to kill, and is readily available before the Elite 4.