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Here are the Pokemon that I will use on my team:
I know WHERE to find these Pokemon, I just need to know when in the game I should add them to my team. Just so I don't have too many Pokemon early on. I don't want to be underleveled. Thanks!


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You got them from that YT guy, didn't ya?! :D

I really liked the team as well!

Typhlosion is obvious.

Heracross can be picked up at Route 7, or Azalea Town or Celadon City. Of course, there's tons of more places, which you can find in it's Dex page here.

Jolteon is by evolution of the gift Eevee (from Bill at Ecruteak City) using a Thunder Stone

Quagsire is near Cianwood City I think (been a while since I played)

Dratini is a gift at Goldenrod City for 2100 points, but you're better off catching one at Dragon's Den and then grinding it up a lot.

Zubats are found at most caves, and leveling one upto max Happiness get you a Crobat.

Good luck!

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Thank you! I actually did get the team from the YouTube guy (PurpleRodri)!
What I was trying to ask is should I get Zubat after or before the first gym, etc., or if I should just catch the Pokemon right when I can get them, and then grind after that.
You can catch Wooper even earlier, south of Azalea Town.