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In Pokémon Soul Silver version, I've alredy used the Master Ball Prof. Elm gave to me, but I need another one to catch Suicune and Ho-Oh. How can I get another?

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You can get one from black and white.If you trade 50 pokemons Geonet gives you prices.That's the prices

Number of Pokemon Needed    Item Received
5 pokemon                              Wide Lens
10 pokemon                              Everstone
20 pokemon                              Zoom Lens
30 pokemon                              Choice Scarf
40 pokemon                              PP Max
50 pokemon                              Master Ball

Geonet is a man in the Pokemon Center in Castelia City will give the player items depending on the number of pokemon they have traded.He is wearing black .
SS/HG, not B/W

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Firstly, it's very possible to catch the legendary pokemon without a masterball. Just get their HP down low and inflict a status condition (sleep, paralysis etc)

Then keep chucking Ultra Balls at them. If you play at night, use Dusk Balls because you're 3 or 4 times more likely to catch it.

As speed freak says, you can get a masterball in the lottery but it is VERY unlikely. You increase your chances by trading more since it's based on the trainer numbers of your pokemon. The more OT numbers you have in total the higher chance of winning prizes.

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the only way to get more is to win the lottery in goldenrod city sorry

Thanks you for answering. I will try my best!
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Though you can get it in the lottery, I would just get it by trading for a pokemon on the gts holding one. You can also migrate a pokemon holding one and then restart the game and repeat yourself, but that would take a long time. Otherwise you could use the action replay, but those can mess up your game, so I would refrain from using one.

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Another method of getting more Master Balls (or any other item for that matter!) is through the "Cloning glitch" in Pokemon Emerald. You go through a process to clone five Pokemon each time at the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier. When given items, the cloned Pokemon will also bring duplicated items as well!

It is quite a process, and I hope you can do it correctly if you'd like to, but here are the steps:

- Pokemon Emerald
- Access to the Battle Frontier
- Three Pokemon eligible for Open Level battles
- Five Pokemon to be cloned into your party.

1. Fly to the Battle Frontier, and go inside the Battle Tower.
2. Gather five Pokemon to be cloned, along with items (in your case, a Masterball!) and have the five Pokemon hold them, along with one extra Pokemon
3. Store those five Pokemon in any box in your PC (an empty box is preferred so you don't get mixed up).*
4. Exit the PC and save your game.
5. After you are done saving your game, open the PC and move those five Pokemon to your party.
~ Now be sure to have your five Pokemon that are to be cloned in your party. ~
6. Speak to the NPC lady closest to the PC where you are, to participate in the Link Battle option.
7. Speak to her, select Open Level select your Pokemon, and until she asks to save the game, press Yes, and when she asks to overwrite the game, press No. Afterwards, soft reset your game.
8. Now load your game normally, and if you did it correctly, you will appear in front of the lady you spoke to.
9. Check the box that you stored the Pokemon in, and your party, where if done correctly, should have both Pokemon in your PC box and party along with the items!

**Note that only the five Pokemon stored in your PC will be cloned, and not the sixth one in your party. Also be sure to have three of the five Pokemon eligible for participation in battle, although you will not have to battle.*

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My brother tried cloning his pokemon to get 2 sceptiles but then it dissapeared. If you do it wrong will your pokemon be gone after?
When you do it wrong, it shouldn't delete both Pokemon; it would simply restart you back to your last saved position.
However, since this IS an exploit and is not by any means an official way to obtain Pokemon/items, glitches, or things will happen, which was probably what happened to your brother with those two Sceptiles.

You just need to do the exact steps.
Look it up on Youtube and watch a step-by-step tutorial if you need to.
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you can get three:
one get from prof. elm after getting eight gym badges
two win at the lottery
three giovanni gives you one after defeating him in tohjoh falls (requires event celebi)
hope this helped!