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my friends, my step sisters (they have pre owned Pokemon black 2 games), and plenty of other people have a lot of rare candies, master balls, and all sort of other rare items! I've been wondering this for about 2 or 3 years. I want to know how to easily obtain these items in x, hartgold, and alpha sapphire.

How much?
I don't remember how much they have, and I want to have as many as I can hold, of course! =3
In Pokemon Black 2 you can win Master Balls at your Avenue if you're really lucky, that's pretty much the only legit way to though.
In almost every game I own, you can only get 1 master ball. The only game that  you can earn more than 1 is so far is Pokemon White and Black 2.
For rare candies you can use a dowsing machine to locate hidden rare candies. In Pokemon X, another way is to catch Pokemon you already have and wonder trade them. This will earn you Pokemiles. You can trade poke miles for useful items and one of them is a rare candy. 1 rare candy is 500 poke miles. You don't need to trade a lot of Pokemon to earn 2000 poke miles. To obtain and see how much poke miles you have go to South Boulevard in Lumiose city and go to the Pokemon centre there. Then on the right side there will be a rich man and he will ask you if you want to trade poke miles for prizes. Hoped I helped.
P.S: You can not get your poke miles back after you trade them for prizes.

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action replay

Well thats my best guess just for the price of 19,99$ CAN you can get a action replay. With it you can hack almost every DS game e.g Pokemon(unlimited rare candy or masterballs) unless they repeated the game many times, Action replay is the answer.

Hope I helped!

Source: I own a action replay

Also for XY action replay doesnt work so you have to use powersave
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Its most likely these items were obtained through the use of a powersave/action replay. Which is a hacking device that can do many things in Pokemon, such as make multiple items, change the evs and ivs of a Pokemon and make Pokemon shiny to. They usually cost about 20.00$ to 50.00$.

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I'm planning on turning my 3ds on sleep mode and collecting pokemiles for my alpha sapphire when I'm at school (WHICH GOES FROM 5 IN THE MORNING TO 5 AT NIGHT)
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