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I have ALOT of rare candies. All my main Pokemon are level 100. Could someone please tell me a good way to use them?

Personally l love collecting them as well as rare items for novelty.
^yeah me too
I only remember one time in the game in which I used a Rare Candy, and that was to evolve a Hitmontop (attack and defense have to be the same, and I find it frustrating without one xD)
I used all mine in Y to level up my pokemon, but I still had some left over, so I leveled up some pokemon for battle spot.

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Sell them

You can sell your rare candies and gain money, to buy items that would be more useful for you.

Use them on other Pokemon

If you want to complete the Pokedex, you might have to evolve some Pokemon. To make it quicker you could use the rare candies to level up and evolve the Pokemon. However, Pokemon that are trained are stronger than Pokemon levelled up with rare candies.

Give it to someone

Some people may want rare candies, so if you don't need them you can give them your spares.

Hope I helped!

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the "trained stronger than rare candied" only refers to getting EVs from fainting things so if you ev train you don't have that problem
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  • Pokemon that evolve like Sneasel, it needs to level up holding a razor claw at night time, instead of getting into a battle to just level up once, use a rare candy.
  • Bribery in the GTS: Say you are looking for a rare Pokemon, and you don't have any rare Pokemon you want to trade, just give a random Pokemon a rare candy and put it in the GTS.
  • Sell them: They sell for 2,500 or so dollars, if you are looking for money you can sell them.
  • Be nice: Don't know what to do with them, give it to a Pokemon and Wonder Trade that Pokemon, make somebody happy!
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"Weavile, it needs to level up holding a rare candy at night time", where did you get that from?
Dude, Sneasel needs a Razor Claw to evolve at nighttime and P.S. Weavile doesn't evolve.
XD oops sorry [Goes to edit answer]
It's still wrong, it doesn't need to hold a rare candy, it needs to hold a razor claw.
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