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I'm levelling up a gible using rare candy's. And I want to find out if rare candy's help it or not.
Please help! Thanks in advance!

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While Rare Candies may seem like a great option for Leveling up one's Pokemon, they are not always a great idea. For ingame, they're okay for boosting a Pokemon's Level if you need that extra boost. Competitively, it sucks. The reason is that when you use Rare Candies, your Pokemon do not gain Effort Values, which are often called EVs. EVs are points that give points to your stats. Here is the PokemonDB's page for Effort Values.

In short:

  • Ingame: Yes, as you probably have already trained ingame anyways.
  • Competitvely, no, as no EVs are given.
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I would qualify this by saying that after EV training, they're wonderful, but that's already implied.
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The rare candy's level it up once but do not give any effort values. If you do not get effort values your stats won't be as high as they would usually be. I suggest using lots of rare candies if you are willing to battle some extra Pokemon to get the evs you missed out on. If not, I would battle Pokemon that give a lot of exp and when your gible is close to evolving, give it a rare candy and spare the suspense. If you want to understand evs better then go to
I really wouldn't go for the first choice, rather the second one is more profitable in my opinion. I hope you get that garchomp soon!

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Mine is better. :P
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You dont lose effort values from using rare candies bro
I didn't say you lose them I say you don't get them.
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Well....no. Rare Candys are usually only useful for leveling up just a bit, or if you've already EV trained. A Pokèmon trained completely with Rare Candys will lose very often, because Rare Candys don't always give good stat boosts, and no EVs are gained. No EV training=Not as powerful. Since it's in-game, and EV training doesn't really matter that much, just battle to level it up instead. By battling, you are technically EV training anyway, you just won't get specific EVs.