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I heard rare candies don't take in account the EVs when levelling up, is this true? If it is, I might have to remake espeon(I used all my rare candies on it. )

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If you use Rare Candies on a Pokemon, the Pokemon won't gain any EVs. So if you Rara Candy right up to LV.100, then It won't have any EVs, making it a lot weaker than a Pokemon trained in battles up to LV.100. So yes, you will have to breed another Espeon and start from scratch. The Daycare is just as bad as Rare Candies, they don't give any EVs either, so the quickest and most efficiant way to get a LV.100 is to train it yourself.

But you may EV train and use Candies/Daycare later
I ev trained espeon ... Whew :o
But you can also ev train a lv. 100 pokemon.

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You miss spelled rare