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I really like my Flaaffy, Fleece but don't really want to evolve her cause I'm not to fond of ampharos. But I'm kinda a amature when it comes to battling and am trying to learn the ropes. I used to always just try to teach my pokemon the strongest attack moves, but now I'm trying to learn stratigies and use a bigger variety than I used to. I know by evolving it will be stronger, but are there any other real benifits for having an Ampharos over a Flaaffy?

Fleece [female]
Lv. 26
Quirky nature
Proud of it's power
HP: 79
ATK: 42
DEF: 39
SP. ATK: 51
SP. DEF: 39
SPD: 35

Ability: Static- Contact with the pokemon may cause paralysis.


Also I read the rules over and it didn't seem like there was anything wrong with this post, so if there is let me know please and explain what I did wrong so I don't do it again.


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Evolving is definitely a wise thing to do with Flaaffy. Here's why:
Flaffy is quite a weak Pokemon, by only having a 365 base, while Ampharos has a nice 500 base.
Ampharos learns a few punching moves (Fire Punch, Thunder Punch etc.) although I wouldn't suggest getting them, because Ampharos excels more in Special Attacking.
Also, in Gen 4 Ampharos learns moves like Power Gem and Discharge (very handy with STAB) a few levels earlier than Flaaffy.
Now the Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos evolution line may be one of the strangest, but Ampharos is a good Pokemon. Like a famous Charles Darwin said: "Evolving is the way forward"

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thanks thats very helpful! I will evolve my Flaaffy. I also thought to myself if I ever want a flaaffy to just uk have and walk around with I could just breed mine for a mareep and evolve it. Then I could use my Ampharos for battles and what not.
Glad I could help!
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Yeah, evole it. Its not the best pokemon but evoling it and leveling it up will make it have better stats. On the other hand keeping it from evoling until its learned the move you want it to learn is better because, it will learn it quicker than a higher evolvement. But some pokemon can only learn certain moves at a certain evolement. HOPE IT HELP!

At my current location in the game Mareep-Flaaffy-Ampharos are the only electric type available. And I'm trying not to trade pokemon over untill I beat the elite four, cause I usaully do that a lot and end up makin the game too easy cause of the pokemon I trade over. (even if I trade them over at a low level)
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flaffy is sort of brittle, but a pretty low level evolution will make it a sp. attacking beast! it learns discharge, which is a SHOCKING lifesaver with STAB. it also learns some nice moves like signal beam and power gem.

@choice specs(because all moves are special.)
headbutt(An emergeny move)
iron tail(hits against ground types)
signal beam(good for the whole game later)

Headbutt and Iron Tail are physical, aren't they? They won't be affected by Choice Specs =)
yea not all your moves are special
well, it is a long story, along side my ampharos i have a blastoise who is part of my total choice spec on ampharos strategy.
Headbutt/Iron tail what? it's choice specs it's supposed to be special and, why headbutt it isn't exactly  that powerful.
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Well i have a flaffy in pokemon black and i'm wanting to evolve it. now you may be wondering 'how can you have a flaffy in pokemon black, you cant even get it in that game?' well you can because if you go onto pokemon trancefer on pokemon black and then the other game you want to trade with goes to the conction centre you can trade. why dont you get another flaffy and evolve that one..................................