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someone on the site was asking about some Pokemon named goomdra. Is this just one of those fake Pokemon that someone made up or is this a real Pokemon that I haven't herd of yet. No details, just tell me if it is or not.

I did not realize I said goomdra, I meant to say goodra. sorry :B. But I have now learned that goodra is 100% real cause your friend Shauna has one. and you can get its pre-evolved form goomi on route 14! (at least I think it`s route 14)

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I have never heard of this Pokemon, and only 28 results came up when I googled it, none of them (besides this site) Pokemon related. So, until you can provide further information on the Goomdra, which could very well be a currently unknown Pokemon, we'll have to assume it does not exist

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However, there is a Goodra, at least according to this video, taken by some lucky guy with an early release of X and Y, which I did not watch to avoid spoilers. There is also a page on the Database


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Goodra is a leaked pokemon from one of the people who got their copies early. There is a 98% chance its real.
Breaking News: 1 in 50 say Goodra is bs. We'll have more after this
Probably real. Not a beta tester though. Game Freak is large enough to do in-house beta testing, and they don't do the beta to build hype like the Battlefield series.
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